Thursday, February 23, 2006

Six US states plan to criminalize abortion this year.

... But can they do that? And even if you're no fan of Roe v. Wade, should states pass laws just to force a slightly conservative Court to revisit a bad decision?

I say no.

I consider abortion murder. But you don't battle it by destroying the American legal system.

I posted my comments and further information here.


Blogger BanjoBlackwell said...

" The Union will undoubtedly be answerable to foreign powers for the conduct of its members. And the responsibility for an injury ought ever to be accompanied with the faculty of preventing it. As the denial or perversion of justice by the sentences of courts, as well as in any other manner, is with reason classed among the just causes of war, it will follow that the federal judiciary ought to have cognizance of all causes in which the citizens of other countries are concerned. "
Publius, Federalist LXXX

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